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Ian's decision to pursue art was inspired from his time spent in the picturesque riverside town of Richmond, Surrey. Often he would relax in his favorite pub with his watercolour set and paint whatever inspired him. Locals would gather to watch his artwork take shape, and they would often purchase his work.

Ian is a self taught artist, having no formal training. He prefers to establish his own styles and techniques with his artwork, and although themes range, the keen eye will spot an arguably unique quality running through his range.

Ian Richmond works in watercolours, acrylics and oils. His work has sold worldwide, with major pieces in collections as far away as New Zealand. His work is popular in corporate as well as private settings, with examples currently on display throughout London, the UK and worldwide.

Outside the studio Ian concentrates a large amount of his creativity into his other areas of interest. He is a broadcaster and a musician and also has a passion for travelling and classic cars. You can often see him cruising Richmond park in his self-built customised Ford Capri, looking for inspiration for his next masterpiece!

A sit down with Ian Richmond:

How long have you been doing artwork?

Well I've been drawing odd bits and bobs my whole life, but I didn't actually start creating pictures in this kind of volume until 2012. I just started drawing the first thing which caught my eye out of the window in the pub one night, and that was a phonebox. That ended up as 'somewhere in london'. I didn't really know what to expect as i'd never tried that technique before so in a way, it came round fairly randomly. I was pleased with the result though, so I then did 'Mind The Jaws’ after an annoying afternoon on The Tube. To my surprise, a local then asked to buy both of them!

What kind of materials do you like to work with?

I generally like to create pictures with various art materials including oil paints, watercolour, acrylic and pens. Its fairly spontaneous when I start something new, so often it's whatever I have to hand at the time.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes not from other painters, but from the music I hear, the places I see and my own perspective of life. I like to let a picture evolve naturally, often having no set plan on what I am about to paint. I don't have just one style, limits are boring.

Do you have any formal training?

No, i'm self taught so I didn't go to college or uni or anything. I did well in art at school but I had no real interest in learning the standard curriculum techniques taught in class, as having ADHD I already had an alternative route which most of my teachers respected. Drawing still life and bowls of fruit was boring and it put me off until I decided to start scrawling about three years back. Like a lot of things in life, I prefer to just wing it with art and see what works, the end result of a painting is as much of a surprise to you as it is to me! And i'm just fine with that.

So what makes 'A Richmond'?

Well I won't let on all the secrets, but I guess some of the main ingredients are what i'm working with at the time. My pictures are always painted to a soundtrack of rock and roll, classic rock, blues and heavy metal, often lubricated with a pint of ale or a glass of Jack Daniel's. I work best hearing my favorite music, and I find that I can revisit the songs and feelings behind each painting every time I look at it. Sounds weird, but it's all driven by music!

So which bands or artists do you listen to the most while you're painting?

Well a lot of it depends on the nature of the picture. For the majority of my work, it's usually a playlist of The Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Reckless Love, AC/DC and Johnny Cash. If it's a more lively firey piece, I tend to go wild to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Airbourne and Pantera! It's more Rock art than Pop art!

So is there somewhere you practice your art where we can watch?

I don't typically do it in the public eye, I prefer to maintain a level of stealth so I can just get to enjoy it in peace. It's more of a relaxing hobby than a profession, so I treat it as such and keep the creation fairly personal. I'm not a big talker, so you won't find me waving a paintbrush in public and prancing around an easel. Likewise, you won't see me trawling art galleries and wearing a scarf indoors and you won't find me limply shaking hands and exchanging big words at exhibitions. Its just not my scene, so I guess i'm not particularly conventional in that sense. I just do my work where I feel comfortable, in an environment where atmosphere can flow into my pictures with the most ease. Often, the inspiration is gathered through the windshield of my car while i'm exploring, and the result lands on the paper either in the pub, or in my small home studio.

You have a fairly unusual use of colour in your paintings, do you have a particular method of mixing and blending?

No, actually i'm colourblind, short sighted, and occasionally pissed. You're likely to see a lot more colour in my paintings than I do, so no it's not particulary intentional. I just try to mix and match the colours it to how I picture it in my mind. I don't get any complaints so it's not something which really bothers me either.

Some artists like to make a statement with their work. Do any of your pieces have any kind of philosophical or political message?

No. I don't tend to buy into that, I feel that art should be strong enough to stand alone rather than be supported by any kind of message. So no, my pictures have no political or philosophical meaning. They are what they are, make of them what you will. Create your own story, stick on some Stones or AC/DC, let your imagination take over. It's your picture, and it can mean whatever you want it to, that's the best thing about it all! Do what I do, open your mind and just enjoy it for what it is.

And finally, does your name have any relation to Richmond?

Absolutely. That's where the whole thing started. It's my way of paying tribute to my favorite town, there's just no place like it. Richmond is a huge part of any picture I do, whether it's directly related to the theme or not. It's a beautiful town and my living there is what made me realise that some things in life are worth capturing on canvas. I love to travel, so i'm keen to discover what the next 'Richmond' brings me so I can share it in my own way.

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Ian is based in Richmond Surrey and in Hertfordshire in the UK.

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